Key objectives:

– Implementing the municipal policy in the field of culture and youth activities, putting the stress on access to culture and decentralization of cultural life;
– Protecting, preserving, supporting and promoting the Bulgarian musical culture in all its aspects and forms;
– Taking care of musical culture preservation and development;
– Raising the quality of the Bulgarian musical and performing art in all genres, employing new technologies;
– Improving the quality of the musical and intonational environment by strengthening the presence of the Bulgarian music in it;
– Increasing the share of music in the spiritual life of the capital city, Sofia district and Bulgaria’s South-Western regions through cooperation with the managing bodies of other cultural institutes;
– Popularizing and spreading the Bulgarian musical culture abroad to make it part of the European and world musical culture;
– Increasing the educational role of culture and youth-orientated policies;
– Promoting the Bulgarian musical culture abroad and broadening our cooperation with partners from all over the world.

Major activities:

1. Providing administrative, material and technical services and management to the municipal orchestras; currently, there are three fundamentally diverse and specific orchestras with the NMIC which are fully independent from one another:
– The Sofia Sinfonietta
– The Sofia Jazz Band
– The Eolina Quartet
2. Holding festivals, competitions, concerts, exhibitions, literary salons or offering other performance art events.
3. In compliance with Appendix 36, Resolution 454:24/07/2014 of the Sofia Municipal Council, the Institute also engages in some paid activities and services.